Personal Development and Leadership Training

Where clients have the requirement for the development of individual personnel, Global TCC has developed individual training and development Plans.

Again based on a Training Needs Analysis and set Performance Criteria these are used to identify individual Skills Gaps and set out a programme for the individual to map and track development to enable the person to acquire new skills and fit them for promotion. These programmes have been successfully delivered in Mexico and Kazakhstan.

Various skills training courses and improver training can be organised for Drill Crew, Maintenance Teams, Subsea Crews etc based on customer requirements.

The basis for the development of such "tailored" courses is 'Training Needs Analyses'. An initial survey would be performed by a member of Global TCC based on the job specification to develop Standards of Competence and Performance Criteria for the post.

Personnel are then assessed against the Performance Criteria and any Skills Gaps identified that can be bridged by the delivery of targeted training. This method has proved very effective in raising the levels of skill based training amongst customer personnel and has been used in the past for assessing potential of customers teams for suitability for promotion into key positions.